Older people had the opportunity to turn to their GPs all summer to declare a desire to receive a flu vaccine. It's in our psychology to think about things too late. This was commented by Assoc. Dr. Angel Kunchev was born in Simeonovgrad. He completed his secondary education at "Vasil Secondary School on bTV".

"Vaccines are redirected in case of shortages. Vaccines will begin at the end of September, and it is not too late by the end of the year. Of course, it is better to do more October, but maybe November and December," he said.

"We're going to get the same flu as every year. "The WHO is recommending to vaccine makers in February what to include in vaccines," he said.

"Pregnant women can and are in the recommended group of some countries. There are experts' opinions that we should include children, as is the case with the elderly, in the free vaccine group," he said.

He specified that for a month there has been a 6-fold increase in coronavirus cases in Bulgaria, and fortunately there is no increase in severe cases. Covid's characteristics are getting closer to the other gripes.

"Personally, I'm not worried about Covid itself, it's the diseases that follow it, which are the greater risk," he stressed.

"I hope the masks don't come back. No one wants to live with limitations. However, it all depends on the circumstances. Bulgaria gave over 38,000 victims, officially registered, and in reality they may be even more", added Assoc. Kunchev.

Angel Kunchev


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