AFP reported on Saturday that four competitors who qualified for the final round have been stretched for more than 800 hours.

Beauty contender Lydia Markovic says: "I've been lying here for 34 days. I move when I'm bored, and I don't know when I feel like it."

"Staying in bed is not easy, it is mentally tiring." "We had three psychologists with us who couldn't stand."

An idea out of the ordinary

More than a month ago, like three others, I participated in the "Izlazvaniye" competition, which means lying down for a long time in the local language, organized for the twelfth time by the tourist village of Brezna in Montenegro.

The owner and launcher of the venue, Radonja Blagojevic, points to a common joke about Montenegrons being lazy, pointing out that "the idea was to organize a competition that would not be held anywhere else in the world."

He explains that the 21 participants in the competition are from Montenegro, Russia, Ukraine and Serbia.

Amazing performance

This year, he is amazed by the performance of the contestants, as they broke the last record of 117 hours of reclining (five).

From their mattresses, Lydia, 23, Gauvan, 33, Philippe, 23, and 36-year-old Gordana all hope to win the <>,<> euros allocated to the lazy champion, even if it means postponing their family, career and study activities.

The prize money was the main motivation for these people, their desire to go beyond the ordinary.

"You're on vacation,"

says Gordana Filippovich, who works in a restaurant next to the competition venue: "I'm proud of myself because I held out. And I feel comfortable here. I am also proud of my family who support me and my husband, who has been taking care of our children for a month, and he told me you are on vacation, lie down and have fun!"

In addition to supporting their friends and family, the participants achieved success on social media.

Participants have the right to keep their mobile phones or tablets with them in bed, as well as the ability to read or receive visitors.

On the other hand, they are forbidden to sit or stand, except for giving them 15-minute breaks every eight hours, a new detail added to the rules of the competition, after breaks were taken for short times or not available even in previous editions of the competition.