Yogurt can neutralize the smell of garlic, a US study has found.

The study, done in the laboratory, and tests with human breath are planned, shows that whole yogurt does not allow almost all the volatile compounds responsible for the sharp smell of garlic to be released into the air.

Scientists from Ohio State University tested the ability of yogurt and its individual components - water, fats and proteins - to cope with this aroma. It turns out that fats and proteins manage to do well. Because of this, experts suggest that in the future, foods high in protein may be developed specifically to combat garlic breath.

"The high protein content is very relevant right now people usually want to eat more of it," said lead study author Sheryl Barringer of Ohio State University.

She has experience in identifying foods that can handle garlic flavor. Barringer has studied apples, mint, lettuce and milk, which, thanks to enzymes and fats, manage to neutralize the sulfur compounds that cause the persistent smell of raw garlic.

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The results showed that yogurt alone reduced 99% of the main volatile substances that trigger the strong aroma of raw garlic. When analyzed separately, the fatty, protein and water components of yogurt also have a neutralizing effect, but the first two perform better than water.

According to Sheryl Baringer, yogurts with a fruity taste are likely to work too.

Their consumption should follow the rapid intake of raw garlic.

"With apples, we've always said to eat them right away," she said. "It's supposed to be the same with yogurt eat it right after garlic."

The study was published in the journal Molecules.