At 22:6 am today (17nd), a female driver surnamed Ma (55 years old) reported that when she went to the opposite side of Fu Lai Estate, Hoi Ba Street, Tsuen Wan, to pick up the minibus to start work, she found that the windshield of the minibus was damaged by black oil. Police officers arrived at the scene to confirm that a total of 3 vehicles were damaged, and the case was handled as a criminal damage case.

The light buses involved were AN BUS network minibuses, two of which had already been driven away by the driver after the incident, and the remaining one was affixed with "AN1" and "AN2" routes, showing the way between Tsuen Wan (Belvedere Gardens) to Cheung Sha Wan and Sham Shui Po.


Franki, the founder of AN BUS minibus, who holds a master's degree, gave up his high-paying job in 2019 and resolutely joined the red Van industry, operating the Red Van route between Lai Chiu Kok and Sham Shui Po in a novel and unusual way, not only introducing WhatsApp reservation and reservation services, but also taking the lead in introducing PayMe to collect fares. He also has a Facebook page to regularly announce the latest news and update routes, fees, etc. Last month, AN BUS posted on its Facebook page, saying that it intends to pilot a home-to-school charter scheme in the new school year, and consults parents, which is very aggressive.

The reporter of "Hong Kong 01" called the person in charge to inquire about the damage, but the other party declined to respond, saying that the incident had been handed over to the police for investigation; It also means that today's AN BUS service is not affected.

In January this year, Franki was driving an AN Bus and had a suspected altercation with a private car driver over tangent issues, and the other party, "Tartor", claimed to be "Katsuwa" and threatened. The video went viral on the Internet, and the police intervened to investigate and arrest the owner of the car.

The minibus driver was intimidated by Sheng and Nan, who originally graduated with a master's degree and operated Red Van in a novel way