It is best to stay at home altogether, but if there is no such opportunity, despite the day off, it is advisable to do only the most necessary, and then hide again in your native walls. If you don't, you can become a victim of scammers, scammers, and even robbers, so it's best not to expose yourself to unnecessary risk.


The disturbing dreams that you may have tonight do not bode well for you, they are nothing more than the influence of the negative energy of the Moon, so there is no need to worry about them.


When faced with an inadequate or aggressive person, try not to reciprocate his attacks: this way you will not let him feed on your energy and knock the ground under his feet.


Today you need to pay special attention to incomprehensible situations that will arise from time to time – with their help, Fate can give you signals that are important clues.


It is better to give up active activity today, which is not critical for a day off, but even if you were only going to put things in order in the house, you need to postpone this matter to another time - for example, to tomorrow.


Looking in the mirror today is dangerous for representatives of all zodiac signs, but especially for you: such admiration can be a bad omen, so it is better to refuse it.


As for loved ones today, as always, you need to be as patient as possible: their unfriendly attacks will be dictated by the Moon, so you should not be offended by them.


The day is favorable for putting things in order in cases and documents: since everything has long been mixed up in them, it is necessary to sort the papers, arrange them in piles and get rid of those that have already expired.


The bad mood that will accompany you from the very morning is only a consequence of the negative energy of the lunar day and accumulated fatigue, tomorrow there will be no trace of it.


You should not resist the reluctance to do something: laziness will be provoked both by the day off and by the energy of the Moon, so you can safely be lazy throughout the day.


The day is unfavorable for financial transactions, even if they seem insignificant to you: the money sent to top up your mobile phone, which will go to another number, will not cheer you up.


You should not waste time talking to your friends on the phone and in instant messengers: after them, you will be left with a feeling of fatigue and emptiness – not the best state for a day off.


The occasion that will upset you today will seem so small and insignificant in a few days that you will not be able to remember the details, so do not worry.