A century of heavy rain exposed the mansion Hongshan Peninsula as an "island of tyranny". The Buildings Department and the Lands Department (Lands Department) launched a large-scale joint operation today (22 December), with the Development Bureau announcing that it will focus on giving priority to 85 waterfront detached houses in the area, of which about 70 are initially suspected of unauthorized structures and about 40 are initially suspected of illegal occupation of government land.

The above 85 seaside detached houses do not include the four detached houses in the area where landslides occurred, namely houses No. 70, 72, 74 and 76, all of which have serious construction conditions; With the exception of house 76, the other three rooms illegally occupy government land. The Buildings Department and the Lands Department have issued a demolition order to complete the demolition works within 150 days. The landlord refuses to comply with the demolition order and is punishable by up to six months in prison on initial conviction.

▼September 9 The Red Mountain Peninsula Miya occupies official land▼


▼On September 9, government personnel entered the Hongshan Peninsula to investigate the land of tyrants and hegemons▼


Landslides on Hongshan Peninsula - Landlords and Buildings Department personnel then built a detached house to inspect the Hongshan Peninsula|No. 74 owner Tuen Mun villa was built 4853,2 feet without demolition for seven years, only fined 5,74 yuan on Hongshan Peninsula|Ning Hanhao: In-depth evidence collection and prosecution of those involved, there is a large-scale inspection of the foundation of the Hongshan Peninsula is only one-fifth of the depth of the "Tang Palace" and the removal of the retaining wall is more likely to cause landslides to pour over the Hongshan Peninsula|The more mansions are uncovered Li Jiachao: Ensure that the property is free of unauthorized construction belongs to the owner's responsibility, Hongshan Peninsula|Building Department Certificate No. 74 involves three-storey unauthorized buildings Demolition of the retaining earthen wall to build the basement has been completely encircled, many places on Red Rain Hong Kong Island are flooded|The owner of No. 8 Hongshan Peninsula is involved in unauthorized construction|<> minutes must be seen today