Weight Gain Tips: Do these things to increase weight.

Yoga for Weight Gain: Yoga is very beneficial for your health. In today's time, people adopt yoga sana to keep themselves healthy, skincare and also to lose weight. But do you know that yoga can also help you lose weight? Many yoga asanas help to increase your appetite, along with this, it can help in increasing weight by improving your digestion and reducing stress levels. By doing yoga continuously, people can gradually gain weight, tone their muscles, and feel energetic. If you also want to increase your weight, then you can include some yoga asanas in your routine. So let's know the yoga asanas that can help in increasing your weight.

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Everyone performs shavasana. To perform shavasana, you have to lie on your back with your legs apart and keep your hands close to your body but away from your torso. Leave your whole body absolutely free and take a deep breath.


Bhujangasana can also help you gain weight. It strengthens and improves your digestion, which makes you feel hungry and nourishes everything. To do this asana, keep both your hands near the shoulders. Your elbows should be bent. The lower part of the stomach should be on the ground and raise the upper part of the body with the hands upwards and try to look upwards. After holding this position for a while, return to the previous position.

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To do Chakrasana, first of all, lie on the back and bend the knees. Make sure your ankles are near the hips. After this, keep both hands upside down and keep them behind the shoulders at a short distance from each other. Now slowly lift your stomach in the air and try to bring the hands and feet closer. This brings the body into a shape similar to the chakra. Keep in mind that while finishing this process, keep the body loose.


By doing this yoga asana, blood circulation is better and digestive problems to kidney and liver function are also better. To do this, lay down on the stomach by laying a yoga mat and lift your torso up and hold the legs with hands.


One of the most basic and simple yoga postures is Pawanmuktasana. Lie down straight on your yoga mat. Breathe in and raise your legs to 90 degrees. Exhale, bend your legs and try to bring your knees up to your chest. Hold your knees with your fingers. Lift your head and touch your forehead with your knees. Take normal breaths while in this posture. Now you first bring your head down and then the legs.

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