Cng-powered tractor made from jugaad

Jugaad Video: No one can guess when, what will go viral on social media. Sometimes someone makes a car a helicopter, sometimes someone makes a cooler from brick. Now one such new Jugaad video is going viral, which everyone is surprised to see. In this video, a person has done something with jugaad, which everyone is surprised to see. The video shows how a farmer has made a CNG-powered tractor, let's see how this jugaad has been done...

This video going viral has been shared by a user named @IndianFarmer_ on X. It is written in the caption - This tractor neither runs on petrol nor diesel... The farmer has created such a jugaad, knowing that your senses will be blown away. In this 52-second video, a person has reviewed this cng-powered video. He has given complete information about this tractor very closely.

Watch the video:

This tractor🚜neither runs on petrol nor diesel. The farmer has created such a jugaad, you will😱💯 be blown away by knowing #indianfarmer

— Indian Farmer (@IndianFarmer_) September 17, 2023

In the video, he is telling what is like two rockets in front of this tractor. Will it fly... No friends, it does not run on diesel, nor on petrol. What does it work on, Let me tell you. Here, there are tanks to which the pipe is connected, which connects from the inside. It is going to run on CNG. The person giving information in the video said that a farmer named Devendra Parmar of Patlawada, MP, has done the feat. What do you have to say about this video? Let us know by commenting.