Seema Haider and Sachin Tendulkar's condition will not be able to control laughter

New Delhi:

Ever since Seema Haider left Pakistan and came to India with Sachin, there is hardly any person left in both countries who does not know about their love story. The situation is that Seema Haider is dominating social media like a celebrity every day. Sometimes the video of Seema Bhabhi's dance goes viral, sometimes the video of telling the truth to Pakistan remains in the headlines. But seeing the video that is going viral these days, believe me, you will laugh and laugh. After watching the video, you will also say, 'Lo Utgaya Aashiqui's ghost'.

What's in this viral video?

In this video that is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet, you can see Seema Haider sitting with her husband Sachin. Bricks are seen all around and in the video, Seema and Sachin are working to break the brick. However, seeing the video, it is difficult to understand whether these two are doing their housework or breaking bricks at someone else's place. In the background of this video, the sound of loud laughter is heard and it is written above. While people are laughing after watching the video, they are also trolling both of them fiercely. (Click here to watch the video)

Peoplesaid - the ghost of love has gone down

As soon as the video went viral on social media, people have come under attack and people are engaged in trolling them after seeing the video. One user wrote on the comment box, 'Why friends, what do you learn by watching this'. At the same time, one wrote, "Now this girl will get a return ticket to Pakistan and go to her Haider." One wrote, "Let's go down pubg and the ghost of ishq, wait a little longer, see what happens." One wrote, "Long live Jhingur Baba. One even described Seema Haider as Jagat Bhauji.