Kishore Kumar was very amazing in real life, you will laugh and laugh

New Delhi:

Hindi there are many interesting and funny stories of the life of singer and actor Kishore Kumar of cinema. Kishore Da was as amazing a singer and actor as he was a tremendous human being. Many stories of his real life will make you laugh. Today Kishore Da is not among us, but his songs, amazing style and fun stories are still famous. Today we are going to tell you about two of his stories, which are as funny as they are interesting and laughable.

Kishore Kumar's voice did not sound in childhood

Kishore Kumar was born on August 4 in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh. His real name was Abhas Kumar Ganguly. His father Kunjilal Ganguly was a lawyer and mother Gauri Devi was a housewife. Kishore Kumar was the youngest of four siblings. In an interview, his elder brother Ashok Kumar had told that 'Kishore Da's tone did not sound at all in childhood. His voice was sitting. Once in childhood, the mother was cutting vegetables, when Natkhat Kishore was running to his mother, when his leg was cut off and blood started flowing with a sharp laugh kept there. The pain was so severe that Kishore Da could not bear it and started crying loudly. Crying for several hours had an effect on his vocal cords and he became melodious."

When Kishore Kumar came to the set with half his head shaved

An anecdote related to Kishore Kumar is even more famous. Once Kishore Kumar was cast in a film. However, the producer gave him half the fee and said that half the fee will be received after the completion of the film. At that time, Kishore Da remained quiet, but as soon as the shooting started, he reached the set with half his head and half mustache. Seeing his hero in this form, the director was also scared. When he asked the reason, the answer was 'Half the fee getup will also be half. The getup will be completed when you get the full amount."

Kishore Da ran away after abusing Dev Anand on the set

Ashok Kumar and Dev Anand were working together in a film. Dev Anand wanted a boy for a scene in the film. Kishore Kumar, who was standing nearby, agreed to this role. According to media reports, the director explained to Kishore Da that as soon as Dev Anand Sahib came to the room, he started telling the truth. Kishore Kumar said that he understood but as soon as the sound of action came, Dev Anand came into the room and Kishore Kumar actually ran away from the set by abusing him. From behind, the director kept shouting that the scene is not yet complete, come back but Kishore Kumar did not come back.

Beware of Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar had a bungalow on Carter Road in Mumbai. The board outside the house read: Beware of Kishore Kumar! One day, when HS Rawail reached his house to pay the fees, as soon as he extended his hand to pay the fees, Kishore Da cut off his hand. Rawail was absolutely surprised by his attitude. Kishore Da replied, "Haven't you read the board outside?"