The Princess of Wales, as we already know, preferred simple food. We know what Prince Charles' first wife ate for breakfast. Darren McGrady also shared that Her Highness liked it for lunch or dinner.

"Stuffed bell peppers were one of her favorite dishes. She preferred it two or three times a week," recalls a former employee of the royal palace.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles / Photo: Getty Images

It is also reported that Princess Diana preferred vegetarian dishes, so stuffed bell peppers, as well as stuffed eggplant, were ideal for her, writes express.

All of the princess's meals contained very little fat—"certainly no oil, cream, or anything"—but a little garlic would have been perfectly acceptable. However, there are members of the royal family who can't stand garlic. This is Queen Camilla, the second wife of King Charles III.

Queen Camilla / Photo: Getty Images

Interestingly, Camille, on the contrary, hates pepper and never eats it.