The Chinese and English Kindergarten in Sheung Shui Pinot was disqualified from the kindergarten education plan, and today (21st) it will continue to operate as usual, with parents picking up and dropping off friends to and from school, and even coming to inquire about it. Mr Chu Kwok-keung, a member of the education sector of the Legislative Council and vice-chairman of the Education Union, believes that the Education Bureau needs to proactively publish the list of schools that have been excluded from the kindergarten education scheme to avoid confusion and disseminate information on whether the school will continue to operate as soon as possible so that parents can be prepared. He also suggested that the Bureau should also study and coordinate the quota of full-day classes in kindergartens in the district to assist the affected students and parents.

The "Hong Kong 01" reporter twice asked the Education Bureau how many kindergartens have been kicked out of the kindergarten education plan, but the bureau has not provided them for two days.

▼September 9 Situation of Chinese and English Kindergarten in Shangshui Pino▼

The Education Bureau (EDB) has earlier replied to enquiries that it has reminded the school to notify all existing parents immediately and to clearly state that students admitted later will not receive government subsidy when enrolling or admitting new students.

The school posted a statement at the entrance today (21st), covering up its admissions poster, saying that there have been reports of misleading information in recent days, and the kindergarten reserves the "power" to pursue the media.

Chu Kwok-keung pointed out that the disqualification of the school from the kindergarten education plan is a "major event", and this incident is also serious, the school has passed on or concealed the news, on the contrary, the Education Bureau issued a press announcement to avoid foolproof, ensure that the affected parents get the most correct and clear information, and will not cause confusion. Newspapers and reports are not known to be true or false, in fact, parents are so confused."

Chu Kwok-keung, Member of the Education Sector of the Legislative Council and Vice Chairman of the Education Union. (Profile photo/Photo by Lu Yiming)

According to the news, Zhang Lihua, the superintendent of Bino Chinese and English Kindergarten, was suspected of tampering with an official letter from the Education Bureau forwarded to the parents of the students in an attempt to mislead the parents into solving the problem and continuing to operate, and on the same day she was arrested on suspicion of forging documents. Zhu Guoqiang said, "The only thing you worry about is whether it will be revealed more and more, but then you will always be worried about the school year, which may end in two or three months?" Do (parents) end up messing with school? There may be a lot of news to be announced." He suggested that the Education Bureau should announce more information at this stage on whether the school can continue to operate this school year, or appeal to parents to arrange student transfers as soon as possible so that parents can plan ahead.

Chu Guoqiang said that he believes that students who are not subsidized by the government after enrolling in school are the most affected, and if they originally attend full-time classes, and then look for schools, there may not be too many places in full-time classes, disrupting parents' plans. Add as little as little, you can study it."

▼September 9 Sheung Shui Pinot Chinese and English Kindergarten will operate as usual▼


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