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A phone app will recognize a stroke.

MOST Foundation (Media, Society, Family, Traditions) organized a meeting with the media, presented the news about the development of an application that will be able to recognize the condition.

Stroke is a serious disease that affects thousands of Bulgarians every year. More than 45,000 people are diagnosed with stroke a year, and more than 5,500 of them end up in hospital. Statistics leave no doubt - stroke is a growing problem in the country.

Ass. Rosen Kalpachki, Chairman of the Bulgarian Stroke Society, revealed to the Bulgarian National Radio details of this important project and confirmed statistics on stroke cases in Bulgaria and stressed the importance of developing a register for this type of disease. He said that the lack of such a register makes it difficult to train doctors.

According to him, the new application for mobile phones represents an opportunity to train artificial intelligence about the symptoms of stroke. Ass. Kalpachki also explained that the application uses different capabilities of modern phones, including facial and voice recognition. It aims to recognize symptoms of a stroke and alert the patient or his loved ones, even before he himself becomes aware of the problem.

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Stroke time is critical, and this app can save lives by providing a quick response.

It is important to emphasize that the development of the application requires a significant amount of data and training of artificial intelligence. To this end, neurologists and stroke specialists must provide sufficient information and cases to be used for the training of the system.

Ass. Kalpački also informed that it is not yet clear when exactly the application will be completed and available to the general public.