Mumbai buildings float in the air like spacecraft

In a captivating glimpse into the future of Mumbai's real estate landscape, artist Prateik Arora has created quirky images of houses tall in the air. Harnessing the creative power of midjourney AI, Arora's imaginative artwork has taken the internet by storm, triggering a buzz about the emerging face of urban life in the bustling city.

Mumbai, known for its skyrocketing property prices and space constraints, has long been a hub of real estate innovation. Aurora's artwork presents a unique perspective, envisioning a future where housing solutions will literally reach new heights, a concept that has attracted people, triggering a conversation about the challenges and possibilities faced in urban planning.

The houses shown in the artwork have a modern structure with glass windows and doors. But all of them resemble a spacecraft-like structure.

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Prateik Arora's visionary artwork offers a glimpse of a future where innovation is above the sky. People were quite surprised to see this.

Interestingly, this discussion about Mumbai's real estate future brings to mind the viral video of a content creator who jokingly showcased an extremely cramped 1BHK apartment in the city. Along with entertainment, the video also highlights the practical challenges faced by residents in search of affordable housing.