Cryptocurrency trading platform JPEX is suspected of conspiracy to defraud, and 11 people have been arrested so far, including Lin Zuo, KOLs "Chen Yi" and "Zhu Gongzi". JPEX issued another announcement in the early morning of today (22nd) that due to the complete blocking of its platform by telecommunications service providers in Hong Kong, users who register with Hong Kong phones cannot receive SMS verification codes, and the platform is working hard to solve the current problem, suggesting that users who currently use Hong Kong phone numbers to register should use emergency withdrawal methods if they cannot receive verification codes.

An announcement is issued to provide emergency withdrawal methods

JPEX said in the announcement that the emergency withdrawal method is to replace the last 6 digits of the user's registered phone number when entering the SMS verification code. For example, if the user registers a withdrawal phone number of 1234 5678, the 345678 is used as the withdrawal verification code when entering the verification code. At the same time, the platform urges users who register with Hong Kong phone to immediately bind their accounts to their emails to ensure the safety of their assets.

JPEX reiterated that despite the great challenges and constant obstruction by the SFC, JPEX will definitely keep its promises and stay at its posts.

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