Cryptocurrency trading platform JPEX is suspected of conspiracy to defraud, and 11 people have been arrested so far, including Lin Zuo, KOLs "Chen Yi" and "Zhu Gongzi"; As of 20pm yesterday (5th), the Police had received 2,086 reports involving about $13.21 billion, and many of them had also been questioned about their involvement in the case. It is reported that artist Cheung Chi-lin, who served as JPEX Hong Kong brand ambassador, also assisted the police investigation today (<>st) and has left the Wan Chai Police Headquarters.

It is reported that artist Zhang Zhilin, who assisted JPEX in filming endorsement advertisements, assisted the police in the investigation this morning (21st).

In August last year, JPEX announced that Cheung Cheung became a JPEX Hong Kong brand ambassador and shot short videos and hard photos for JPEX. After the recent fermentation of the JPEX incident, its manager replied to the media earlier that Zhang Zhilin did not participate in any investment and monetary losses, and after filming the advertisement in March last year, because he learned in May last year that JPEX "has been regulated by the SFC", he has informed JPEX in writing that if the company fails to obtain a license, it cannot use Cheung Zhilin's portrait for publicity, and will reserve the right to pursue it.

It is reported that Cheung Chi Lin assisted the Police in the investigation today (21st) and has left the Wan Chai Police Headquarters. (Photo by Chen Haoran)

▼Hayashi Saku arrested▼


The JPEX case attracted widespread attention, and the police launched a large-scale law enforcement operation on the 18th, arresting Lin Zuo and KOL "Chen Yi" and others, and the police detained three more men (aged 20 to 3) on Wednesday the 25th, all of whom were involved in "conspiracy to defraud". A total of 32 people have been arrested so far in the case, and the police investigation is still ongoing, and it cannot be ruled out that more people have been arrested. The Police revealed that as of 11pm on the 20th, a total of 5,2 victims had received reports of the case, involving about $086.13 billion.

One of the arrested persons, Lin Zuo, was detained at the Central Police Station for two days and one night, and the night before (19th), suspected of avoiding the media waiting at the main entrance, his girlfriend Yumei Sheng went east, and he secretly boarded the car through the back door to hide. Originally, he leased an over-the-counter exchange (OTC) "Lam Chok Coin Speculation" at about $26,2 per month to open an over-the-counter exchange office (OTC) "Lam Chok Coin Speculation", but it was suspected that he had withdrawn the lease on the 900th, emptied his office on the same day, removed the "Lin Zuo Coin Speculation" signboard, and removed the company's name even the underground water sign of the building.

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▼KOL "Chen Yi" arrested▼

JPEX case|Lin Zuo doubtfully surrendered the lease to clear the office of Sky Ring Entertainment Bank Removed the "Lin Zuo Coin Speculation" signboard JPEX case|KOL Chen Yi filmed a film about the detention process, said bail of 100 million yuan reiterated the same position, JPEX case│JPEX said that he sought guidance from the CSRC last year, but did not receive a positive response Reprimanded the JPEX case|8 arrested men and women were granted bail pending investigation Report to the police in mid-OctoberJPEX|Eight arrested people exposed One person and the other case are the same defendant as the other case, and five are platform employees