Cryptocurrency platform JPEX was involved in a fraud case, and three more people were arrested on Wednesday (20th) night. "Hong Kong 01" found that one of the arrestees, Mo Junting, was arrested in 2019 on suspicion of conspiracy to commit fraud involving a mining machine involving the coin master Huang Junjie. He has also been a defendant in a number of cases and was named as a defendant with Wong Chun Kit.
The other two are involved in off-market money changers, including BeatBox singer dR.X Huang Haobang, who has opened a restaurant and cryptocurrency money changer, and currency celebrity Zhu Gongzi.

Cryptocurrency Investigative Report・Page|JPEX involved in fraud Lin Zuo, Chen Yi and other currency circle Internet celebrities were arrested

On February 2019, 2, the coin young master Huang Junjie and his assistant Mo Junting were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud mining machines. The picture shows Mo Junting's situation at the mining machine lecture that year. (Online image)

Mo Junting was arrested with Bin Shaotong in 2019

Three more people were arrested in connection with the cryptocurrency platform JPEX scam, including a 25-year-old arrested man, Mo Junting, who reportedly worked as a driver, and was linked to the Australian registered company JP-EX Crypto Asset Platform Pty Ltd.

On 2019 February 2, together with Young Master Huang Yuejie, Mok Junting was arrested by the Commercial Crime Bureau on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud. At that time, the case alleged that they were suspected of using false statements to deceive the subject into purchasing mining machines, involving an amount of about 28 million.

On February 2019, 2, the coin young master Huang Junjie and his assistant Mo Junting were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud mining machines. The picture shows the police taking Wong to search the office in Tsuen Wan. (Profile photo / Photo by Lai Nanqiu)

More than a dozen cases were listed as defendants with Yuanshao

Since 2020, it has been involved in at least 13 civil lawsuits, 12 of which are the same defendants as Wong Pujie or his subsidiary, Coinless Group Limited, all of which are related to contracts and debt recovery.

In one of the 2022 civil lawsuits, Mo Junting was listed as a defendant with Yuan Shao and Deng Lixun. 26-year-old Deng Lixun, who was also arrested by the police in connection with the JPEX case, is an employee of "Web3.0 Technical Support Limited" and reports that his profession is a waiter.

Huang Haobang, who was also arrested on Wednesday (20th), is a Beatbox artist dR. X, who is also a director and shareholder of "Ape Man Food Group Limited", opened the restaurant "Bored Garden Boring Garden" in Wellington Street, Central, developed the restaurant and cryptocurrency money changer (OTC) business, and held web 3.0 meetups and seminars.

Mr. Wong opened To The Moon Group Limited in May last year, whose name is related to stock and currency speculation terminology that describes a strong upward trend. The company applied for inactive company (Dormant Company) on August 5 this year, and on Wednesday (8th), the same day of arrest, filed documents to deregister the company.


Since the establishment of "K.T Club" in 2020, K.T Club has continued to expand over the years, with the head office moving from Kisheng Centre in Tsim Sha Tsui to China Hong Kong City, and opening two more branches in Nan Fung Centre in Tsuen Wan and Tin Hau Apple Plaza. He calls himself a "post-90s celebrity celebrity" and often shares virtual currency information on online platforms and seminars. According to him, the "Gongzi Club" mainly provides cryptocurrency over-the-counter trading services (OTC), provides a variety of mainstream cryptocurrency transactions, and is committed to promoting cryptocurrency culture and making more people aware of new investment methods such as cryptocurrencies.

Today (21st) "Hong Kong 01" went to the "Kung Zi Hui" branch in Tsuen Wan, and the building was empty. As for the office in China Hong Kong City, it is also dark, and debris is piled up at the door; According to other tenants, the office has been closed for some time.

As early as 2019, someone opened an FB page, directly denouncing Zhu Gongzi (Chu Ka Fai) as "the shame of Hong Kong's currency circle and people's hard-earned money". In 2020, Zhu Gongzi was arrested on suspicion of obtaining property by deception, and was accused of selling the cryptocurrency "magic coin" to people by holding lectures, and many people were suspected of being deceived after subscribing to him, involving more than 400 million yuan, and some female teachers were deceived by 60,<> yuan.

▼Hayashi Saku arrested▼


The case of cryptocurrency trading platform JPEX has attracted widespread attention, the police launched a large-scale law enforcement operation on the 18th, successively arrested Lin Zuo and KOL Chen Yi and others, the police detained 20 more men involved in the case on Wednesday the 3th, aged between 25 and 32, suspected of "conspiracy to defraud", 3 people are now being detained for investigation, a total of 11 people have been arrested so far, the police investigation is still ongoing, and more arrests are not excluded.
The Police revealed that as of 20pm on the 5th, a total of 2,086 victims had received reports of the case, involving about $13.<> billion.

Lin Zuo was released on bail, and the Lin Zuo coin-trading exchange shop of Central Entertainment Bank has removed the signboard.


▼Lin Zuo opens OTC in Central Entertainment Bank▼

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