The iPhone 15 series began to be pre-ordered last Friday (15th) and will be released tomorrow (22nd). Industry insiders analyzed that this iPhone 15 does not have bright features, and the model has not changed much from the past, so it is difficult to estimate whether it is "affordable"; But in previous years, "Pro Max" has always been the most purchased, "(this year) I feel a lot of goods, because this year I heard that the connoisseur seems to have been actively cut by Apple last year." 」

The iPhone 15 series will be available for pre-order on September 9 and will go on sale on September 15. (Apple)

iPhone 15 fully uses USB-C connection, the body color is red, blue, green, black, white, the back glass uses a whole piece of dyed frosted glass for the first time, the lens adopts a new generation of portrait mode, and supports the "Focus and Depth Control" function of shooting first and focusing later. iPhone 15 Pro uses a new grade 5 titanium body, lighter weight, narrower screen borders, plus 6-core GPU and 6-core CPU, etc., the color is only black, white, blue, gray four colors.

Ah Tang, head of G World Mobile at Xianda Plaza, was disappointed with the iPhone 15 series models, "iPhone 12 to 15" has not changed much, and there are no bright features, or any of Apple's unique latest technology, it is difficult to estimate the recycling price.

The iPhone 15 Pro uses a new grade 5 titanium body, which is lighter in weight and narrower in the screen bezel. (Apple)

Ah Tang also said that he believes that the iPhone 15 series has sufficient goods this time, and he has not heard that some people in the industry have been cut orders as in the previous year. He said that yesterday (20th) Apple's official website is still available for order, and it will arrive on November 11 at the earliest. He continued that in previous years, "Pro Max" has always been more imported and exported than other series, and as for which color or model can be "fried" this time, Ah Tang believes that it is difficult to predict: "In fact, it is necessary to specify that the side is fried, and the color will be fried, because the colors are all out, and the four-color meter is black, white, gold and blue, and the primary color titanium metal of Apple is gold."

At the same time, Huawei's mobile phone set off a price speculation boom, will it affect the sales of iPhone 15? Ah Tang believes that Huawei is only popular in the mainland, and Hong Kong is not very "red", because all brands of Android phones in Hong Kong must use Google, and Huawei has been banned from using Google in the United States. He used his store as an example, the best model to sell is "Mate 40 Pro", and "Mate 50 Pro" and "Mate 60 Pro" do not have too many customers to buy, which does not affect the sales of the iPhone at all.

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