At 21:11 p.m. today (57st), a heavy goods truck driver surnamed Chen (62 years old) was carrying stone poop precast parts, a stone poop precast with a volume of about 5 meters by 0.5 meters by 1.5 meters and weighing about 3 tons fell from a height and hit it, and Chen Nan was confirmed dead at the scene. In response to the Hong Kong 01 enquiry, the HKHS expressed deep concern and sadness, extended its deep condolences to the family of the deceased, and would issue a pension of HK$30,<> to the family, adding that the accident had nothing to do with the "Modular Synthesis" construction method.

The spokesman added that the HKHC is closely following the incident with the project contractor, Beneficial Construction Company Limited, and will fully cooperate with the investigation work of the relevant government departments, and all heavy lifting work has been stopped at the site in question with immediate effect. The site in the incident is a subsidised housing sale project and is currently undergoing superstructure works, which are expected to be completed in 2024 and provide about 300 units.


According to on-site news, all the workers in the site went out for lunch at that time, and during the period when the owner was alone in the site, he was suspected of untying the stable device by himself, and was finally hit by stone feces prefabricated parts and died on the spot. Fire and police officers arrived at the scene to investigate, and it was visible that there were assembly pieces on the ground and blood stains on the surface of a round bucket. The site is the site of the Hung Hung Kiu Phase 1A housing estate, which is a residential project undertaken by Advantageous Buildings by the Hong Kong Housing Society. It is planned to construct a 25-storey subsidised residential building for sale under the "Modular Syn" construction method, providing 300 one- to three-bedroom units with an area of about 360 to 633 square feet. Hong Kong 01 has also facilitated construction enquiries.

The Labour Department said it was investigating a fatal work accident at Hung Shui Kio this morning (9 September), in which one man died. The Labour Department dispatched officers to the scene immediately upon receipt of the report and is now investigating the cause of the accident.

Police are cordoning off the scene for investigation. (Photo by Cai Zhengbang)

Rescuers were present to deal with it. (Photo by Huang Xu)

Flood Bridge site industrial accident Sixty Han was killed by a component weighing 3 tons of stone feces