Fish enters diver's mouth

Social media is flooded with videos captured by divers showing their adventures underwater and this interesting clip is an example of that. It depicts a diver's shocking conversation with the fish. The video shows a small fish floating inside a person's mouth.

Instagram user and video maker @noa_7269 shared the video with a caption in Japanese. It reads, "Fish is the cleaner of the sea". The caption also states that as long as you are stable, the fish will come and clean your teeth.

At the beginning of the video, the diver is shown standing still under the water. His mouth is open and a fish is seen floating inside. The video shows how the fish comes close to his teeth and bites them. This video ends with the fish swimming inside the human mouth.

Watch the video:

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The video was posted on July 7. Since being posted, the clip has become increasingly viral. So far, the video has been viewed over 62 million times, and the number is still growing. Also, the stock has received a lot of likes and comments from people.

An Instagram user shared, "Doctor fish is so cute." "It's fun and amazing," the second posted, "brother, are you crazy?" the third asked. "Just amazing," the fourth wrote, "I don't know how I feel about this!" commented the fifth. "Beautiful," the sixth wrote.

The comment section of the video is also filled with shocking and loud laughing emoticons. Some people have expressed their reactions by sharing funny GIFs.