Cat steals chicken packet from shop

Every mother is concerned about her children, whether they are human or animal. A video of a cat is going viral on social media, in which he did something for his children that you will also get emotional. The cat seen in the video stole a packet of chicken from a shop and went to give it to its hungry children. The heart-wrenching incident caught on camera has made the internet emotional after seeing the sacrifice of the mother.

The video, shared on X, shows the cat's determination as she pulls a packet of chicken on the street, demonstrating a mother's unwavering love and dedication for the well-being of her kittens. The scene is going to make anyone emotional, the video shows that the trend of motherhood transcends species, showing the extent to which mothers can go to protect and nurture their children.

Watch the video:

a Turkish cat, she's stollen a chicken bag from the supermarket called a101 and taken to her children to feed🥰

— place where cat shouldn't be (@catshouldnt) September 13, 2023

This heartwarming story of cat sacrifice echoes similar stories of maternal love in the animal kingdom. The video was viewed over 14.4 million times and received a lot of reactions.

In Turkey, another cat made headlines when she took her sick kitten to the hospital, asking for help for her sick offspring. These remarkable examples highlight the deep connection between mothers and their children, demonstrating the universality of maternal care and compassion.