The moon is in a rising phase and in Sagittarius until 23:21 on September 22

Today we are friendly, sociable, open, honest, carefree, but also irresponsible. The day is full of optimism and enthusiasm. You may feel restless, attracted to somewhere, you find it difficult to stay in one place. Beware of indiscretion and excessive openness.

Sagittarius acts on the hips, pelvis, groin and femur. Whatever you do good for these parts of the body is twice as effective today. What strains the femurs is more harmful than on other days. Pain in the back and lower part will be felt more strongly. You may have problems with sciatica, varicose veins, hips. Do not strain these parts of the body.

Weekly horoscope from 18 to 24 September

Avoid lifting heavy loads and do not take long walks. Take care of warm clothes, the weather in Sagittarius is changeable. It is good for massage, will help to relax spasmodically contracted muscles. Alternating shower with cold and hot water will also be useful. It will be good for the feet walking on the heels and on the toes, on the outside and inside of the feet. Make a warm bath on the feet with salt and essential oil (sandalwood, eucalyptus, rosemary, juniper are suitable), massage them and then rest with raised legs. Nourishing face masks and décolleté will be effective this day. Appropriately smoke the rooms with dried sage (sage), which you leave in the room to smolder.

Lunar calendar: lasts 7 lunar day until 13:50h on September 21

The 7th lunar day is one of the best days for business. There is an opportunity to realize plans and ideas, to find new customers, helpers, patrons. Direct your activity towards the realization of your plans and the implementation of plans.

This lunar day is associated with speech and throat. Every word spoken has great power. Therefore, do not lie and do not talk unnecessarily and excessively. They may provoke you, but you should not give in. Be careful and do not pronounce bad and obscene words. In general, it is better to talk less.

The state of health is unpredictable. The body should not overcool, as it is highly likely to catch a cold. Vulnerable are the lungs, throat, vocal cords. It is good to cleanse the body, especially the lungs and throat. Various inhalations, expectorant decoctions, steam bath are suitable. Fasting can take place. An unfavorable day for the treatment of teeth.

Next is the 8th lunar day from 13:50 on September 21 to 14:58 on September 22.

Its symbol is the mythical bird Phoenix. This is a day of transformation and forgiveness. It's good to close the past forever. Today is governed by alchemy, you can prepare a medicine for your disease, it will be as effective as possible.

It is recommended to abandon exhausting homework, which requires a lot of physical exertion. This can take a lot of strength and energy, which will take time to recover. However, it is not good to handle fire. Large biochemical changes and reactions take place in the body. The stomach and intestines are most affected, so you can cleanse them. Eat light food and dine no later than 19 p.m.

A good time for communication and new acquaintances, for small purchases. Intimacy during this period is undesirable.

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