It is said that the universe is full of many mysteries. This secret is shocking at times. Many times such cases come up, which are difficult to believe. One such case is covered on social media these days, which is surprising people. In fact, in a recent viral video, a man is claiming to be a time traveler, who is claiming himself to be trapped in 2027. This is the reason that now users want to know a lot by giving different reactions on the video. Now nothing can be said on whether this video is right or wrong.

Claiming to be a time traveler

Actually, this is not the first time that someone has made such a claim. Even before this, many people have made such claims. Sometimes someone described himself as coming from 2050, sometimes someone claimed that he came through the year 2030. Not only this, there were some people who also gave evidence to prove their point. Each time these claims made people wonder and think. Now once again a similar case remains a topic of discussion.

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"I am the only person alive."

According to a report in the Daily Mail, in the video, a man claiming to be a time traveler is claiming to be trapped in 2027. In the video, the man is claiming that there is not a single human being where he is present while making the video. The name of the person seen in the video is being told as Xavier, who recently shared this video on TikTok with an ID named @unicosobreviviente. This video has been shared on Instagram with an account named Unicosobreviviente. This post shared 5 days ago has been liked by more than 13 thousand people so far.

Empty streets of Rome and Italy

In the video, he is showing the streets of Rome and Italy, where there is a lot of crowd, but in the video, these roads are seen completely empty. In the video, the man is claiming that he is in 2027, which is the last person alive in the world. Users who have seen the video are making various comments on it. In the video, the man is first showing a clock, in which it is 8.09 in the evening, but the streets are completely empty. In the video, only cars parked on the side of the road are seen, but surprisingly, not a single person is seen on the road.

The video was also shared in 2021.

Earlier, Xavier had shared a video on February 13, 2021, in which he showed an empty clothing store, which was from the Spanish city of Valencia. No human was seen in that video either.