Scientists have revealed why pink diamonds are so rare, according to a scientific study. These gemstones are found almost exclusively in Australia. Their price is extremely high.

More than 90 percent of the world's pink diamonds are mined at the Argyle mine, located in the northwest of the country, which is currently closed.

Most of the mines for the extraction of dimants are located on other continents - for example, in South Africa and Russia.

Rare pink diamond valued at $35 million goes up for auction

An Australian science team has conducted a study published in Nature Communications that pink diamonds formed when the first supercontinent on Earth split 1.3 billion years ago. Years.

To form a diamond, two components are needed, geologist Hugo Olieruk of the University of Perth told AFP. The first component is carbon. At less than 150 km depth, carbon is found in the form of graphite. The second component is the strong pressure. It is able to determine the color of the diamond. Less pressure leads to a pink color, and a slightly stronger one leads to brown, Olieruk explains.

According to Olieruk, the geological processes of separating Earth's only supercontinent pushed pink diamonds to the surface of present-day Australia like champagne corks.