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Dead mother syndrome is one of the most complex and severe problems in psychology, because it directly affects children.

In this case, it is not about a truly dead person physically, but about a spiritually dead, which is actually much scarier. This is a mother who is separated from her child emotionally.

She is self-absorbed and acts as a completely independent person. In this case, the child looks and feels as if there is no mother.

She is completely uninvolved emotionally with her child.

The "dead mother" performs her duties as a parent, but purely formally – eating, dressing, bathing, shopping, walking. Emotionally, she is completely detached from her child's feelings and needs.

This mother listens, but does not hear her child, looks at him, but as if she does not really see him.

Why does the mother behave like this?

The reasons can be different, all of them related to depressive states caused by various reasons: abortion, loss of a loved one, loss of another child, disappointment with life, feelings of loneliness, misunderstanding with a partner, experience with a similar mother in childhood, etc.

What are the consequences for the child of this type of behavior?

The child shares with his mother his needs and feelings, but receives neither sympathy nor understanding. Gradually, he begins to have doubts that his feelings matter. And if there are no feelings, there is no soul. The child has no choice but to seek a desperate relationship with his mother, but instead to meet her cold eyes.

They beat 300 children a month.

Such a child grows up with a feeling of inferiority. He doubts his own worth, blames himself, and begins to think that he does not deserve to be loved.

They grow up to be people who are unable to build lasting relationships because they are afraid of separation and the loss of a friend. They have low self-esteem and are unable to trust another person.

Usually they remain closed in themselves and subject to their own fears, anxieties, complexes, writes