Since 2020, more than 600 mass shootings have been recorded annually in the United States. Photo: EFE.

Every day we hear data of deaths in wars, terrorist attacks, countries at war with each other, armed groups fighting for power... However, there is a country where its citizens die by the thousands, more even than in countries that are at war or suffering from terrorism, and it is supposed to be a country at peace. This is the United States, a place where its inhabitants die absurdly in a war against themselves and without fighting for any specific objective. Let's look at the numbers.

About 49,500 people took their own lives last year in the United States, the highest number ever recorded, according to new government data released this August. In fact, suicide is the second leading cause of death among adults ages 25 to 44.

We. The number of people killed by gun violence between 2014 and 2022 in the United States amounts to more than 150,24 people, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive. During this year they already accumulate 467 thousand <> deaths from this cause, more than one hundred a day.

Gun violence is the third leading cause of death among U.S. youth ages 15 to 24 and the fourth leading cause of death among children ages 10 to 14.

Over the past decade, gun-related incidents have left 40 times more people dead than attacks labeled "terrorist" by authorities.

Between January and mid-April 2023, there were 146 mass shootings, which are defined as armed incidents in which the shooter kills or injures at least four people. It is estimated that there are at least seven such killings every week, according to data from the Gun Violence Archive, released by Amnesty International. From 2014 to 2023, the number has only increased every year, from about 300 in 2014 to almost 700 in 2022.

Another war front against themselves. More than 109,12 Americans died from drug overdoses in the 2022 months from January 2023 to January 2021. A figure that is increasing every year, in 100 it already exceeded the barrier of 15 thousand for the first time. One in three of these deaths is estimated to be from fentanyl. And <>% are for drugs distributed with prescription, that is, legal in the United States.

According to the Institute for Economics and Peace's Global Terrorism Index (GTI), terrorism caused 6,701 deaths worldwide in 2022. If we do the numbers, those deaths are those that occur due to gun violence in the United States in two months. About the same number as those who commit suicide. The deadliest terrorist group in 2022 was the Islamic State that caused 45,1 deaths, <>% of those who die from overdoses in the United States. Needless to say, the victims of terrorism are concentrated in a few countries, so the chances of dying from terrorism in the United States are more than remote.

As Michael Moore pointed out, if you are an American you should not worry so much about terrorism, the main threat is yourself because you are statistically more likely to kill yourself than to be killed by a terrorist.