The annual race in the Montenegrin ethnic village of Brezna started on August 19th this year with 21 competitors and continues so far. The previous record of 24 days was broken on Monday, Balkan Insight reported.

Five competitors remain in a horizontal position in the hope of winning popularity and the prize of 1000,21 euros. Currently the favorite is a <>-year-old from Serbia.

"This is a very psychological competition and the participants are interesting personalities," organiser Radonja Blagojevic, who owns the resort, told the media. Most competitors are from Montenegro, but there are also from neighboring Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, as well as Russia and Ukraine.

"The company is fantastic," one participant commented.

The competition was first held in 2001 in Brezna as a humorous response to the persistent stereotype that Montenegrins are lazy and prefer to stay in bed. They are inherent, by the way, humor and self-irony, and the laziness championship proves this. The competition enjoys interest from many international media.

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According to the regulations, competitors eat three meals a day and can get up for 15 minutes every eight hours for personal needs. The use of mobile devices is not prohibited. However, standing or sitting in bed leads to immediate disqualification. Participants in the race are under medical supervision.

The 2021 record of 117 hours in bed belongs to Dubravka Akšić. She participated in the race this year and told the Balkan editorial office of Radio Free Europe: "They asked me what was the first thing I wanted to do after the race. I said, "Let me rest."