Watch the video of a girl full of millions of lizards falling from her hair.

Along with the body, special care of the hair is also necessary, if you do not do this, dirt starts accumulating in the hair, which can sometimes increase many problems related to hair. Due to the dirt on the scalp, there may also be a problem of fungus and lice in the hair. Not only this, hair loss can also be a major reason for this. A similar video of this problem related to hair is becoming fiercely viral on social media these days, seeing which people are vomiting. In this video going viral, millions of lice and lice are seen on the girl's head, which will make anyone disgusted.

Hair full of lice and lice

This video is also teaching people about cleanliness. On the other hand, it is also spoiling the minds of the people. In the video, you can see a pile of lice and lice between the hair on the girl's head, which are badly hovering here and there in the hair. Looking at the video, it can be guessed that the girl has reached out to a haircare expert about this problem of her hair, who is trying to clean her hair by freeing it from lice and lice. You must have understood that removing this bunch of lice and lice will not be easy even for haircare experts.

Watch the video here:

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In this disturbing video, you can see that the haircare expert is taking out hundreds of lice trapped in the comb once the hair is shed. Many questions will also arise in your mind after watching the video. Seeing the video, a user wrote, "After all, was this girl walking around with lice in her head without cleaning hair for a long time?" This video has been shared on social media platform Instagram, which made people lose their senses. One user wrote, "I don't understand why people don't take care of their hair."

According to the information, the child was struggling with this problem for many years. When things started going from bad to worse, her parents took her to a haircare expert. Where the girl is now very relaxed after treatment.