The Rose Hill School sponsor group TD recently said that the school will merge with Dalton School, and Rose Hill Middle School, which is a subsidized school, will be closed after three years. Bobida, chairman of the Rose Hill Secondary School Parent-Teacher Association, today (3th) pointed out that the Education Bureau has a huge responsibility, but has completely ignored them so far, describing parents as uncomfortable every minute, and describing them as orphans who are ignored. He also said that the EDB, including about 20 parents of students with special learning needs, should choose how to bridge the gap. At present, the views of more than 50 parents have been collected, and all of them hope that the enrolled students will complete the Secondary 110 to Secondary <> courses, urging the authorities to respond to their demands.
It is understood that the school has no plans to change the merger and suspension of secondary school plans, and is assisting students to find suitable schools to transfer.

▼September 9 Rose Hill School Parent-Teacher Conference▼


Bobida, chairman of the Rose Hill Middle School Church, criticized in a commercial TV program that the Education Bureau has taken a huge responsibility in this incident, but has so far completely ignored the demands of parents. He pointed out that when the school sponsoring body announced the closure, different plans should have been put in place to allow affected parents, especially the about 50 students with special learning needs (SEN) and their parents, to choose how to connect. He pointed out that the opinions of more than 110 parents were collected, and all of them wanted to let the enrolled students complete the Secondary <> to Secondary <> courses. Bobida described parents as uncomfortable every minute, like orphans who have no one to pay attention to.

Dominicans: Consulted Catholic dioceseses

The TD said it consulted the Catholic Diocesan Office of Education of Hong Kong and other individuals and organizations with experience in this area before making the decision to discontinue Rose Hill High School and have Dowdalton take over the kindergarten and Rose Hill School. The association said it considered taking over Rose Heights by other Catholic or non-Catholic school groups, but concluded that Dalton School was the institution best positioned to carry on Rose Heights' vision and mission.

No further response was given as to when it planned to abandon the operation, whether it would postpone the suspension of secondary schools and whether it would lease the school premises.

▼On September 9, teachers and students of Rose Hill Middle School discussed the suspension arrangement▼


Deny the suspension of doing business in Tianjin: there are absolutely no commercial considerations

In addition, in response to the criticism of the outside world for its decision to suspend the operation of Tianjin as "doing business", the Dominicans said that as a non-profit religious institution, it has a long history in Hong Kong, dating back to the 20th century, monks came to East Asia to serve missionary services, emphasizing that "there is absolutely no commercial consideration", and explained that the choice of Dalton as the new school sponsor group is to appreciate the sincerity of the Dalton team and its pioneering philosophy of putting children first and promoting independent learning.

The Dominicans also emphasized that Dalton and Rose Hill share the same values and pledged to carry on the Rose Hill tradition, including retaining the name "Rose Hill" in the school name, setting up a "School History Museum" to display the school's history and culture, as well as protecting icons and landmarks, and the chapel continued to host Mass for teachers, students and the community and provide religious counseling for students.

The TD said it would continue to work in Hong Kong and Macau, especially in the education and nurturing of young people, and would continue to serve in the Rose Hill religion and carry out pastoral work.

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