The store imposed 18% service charge, the photo of the bill going viral.

Restaurant bills are often shocking. Sometimes the price of a small thing is too high and sometimes the taxes seem to be such that they are surprised. One such bill is becoming increasingly viral on social media. A rule written in this bill is surprising users. According to this rule, a service charge of 18 percent will be levied on a person's party. Since then, users are expressing their opinion by making different comments. By the way, such bills have also gone viral, in which fees like wellness fees, kitchen appreciation fees have been charged in the name of the bill.

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This restaurants has an automatic 18% service charge for parties of ONE or higher
byu/TRTL2k inmildlyinfuriating

Bill's photo shared on Reddit

This bill has been shared on Reddit by a user named Mildly Infuriating, in which a bill pic is seen. The bill appears to be a few days in advance according to the date, in which it is clearly written that a service charge of 18 percent will be levied on the party of one or more people. On this video, the user has captioned that, I have seen the bills of many restaurants, but never seen such a bill, where a service charge is charged for one's party. The bill for Pho Na Hoi restaurant, a Vietnamese restaurant in California, was worth $49.50, which became $62.93 due to different fees and taxes.

Users were surprised

One user wrote that restaurants charge fees as they wish. One user said that he was given a cocktail with a strange name and then charged $ 15 with a strange name. One user wrote that, in this way, restaurants charge a higher price.