Priyanka Chopra worships Ganpati Bappa

New Delhi:

Desi girl Priyanka Chopra may live in America across seven seas, but she celebrates every festival with pomp. On the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, Priyanka along with daughter Malti worshiped Lord Ganesha. In the pictures, cute Malti is grabbing everyone's attention. On the occasion of the festival, Priyanka has prepared the daughter in a very traditional style.

In the pictures shared on Instagram, cute little Malti is seen with her little Ganesha. In one of the pictures, Priyanka and daughter Malti are seen worshiping Ganesha by installing a statue in the temple of the house. In one photo, Priyanka is seen holding Malti in her lap and hugging her. Malti's cuteness in these pictures is winning everyone's heart. Wearing an off-white frock, a bindi on her forehead, a bangle in her hands and earrings in her ears, little Malti looks super cute.

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In just a few hours, this picture of Priyanka and daughter Malti has received close to 5.<> lakh likes. By commenting on the pictures, people are congratulating Priyanka and her family on Ganesh Chaturthi. At the same time, people are convinced of Malti's cuteness. One user wrote, 'She has become very big and beautiful like mother and father'. Another wrote, "I am so proud of you madam that you are raising your baby girl with full Indian customs, she is so sweet. Princess'.