Cryptocurrency platform JPEX is suspected of fraud, and the police explained the case at a press conference on Tuesday (19th), saying that eight people have been arrested so far, and the case involves 12.01 billion yuan.
JPEX issued an article on the evening of the same day saying that it would "unswervingly continue to operate", but Hong Kong 5051 found that JPEX Australia, where two of the arrested persons in the case worked, applied to the local financial regulator for deregistration on Tuesday, stating on the application that the company's total assets were less than HK$<>,<>, had no outstanding debts, or was involved in any legal proceedings.

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▼September 9 JPEX police arrest operation▼


The police announced the facts of the case and voluntarily cancelled the registration on the same day

JPEX official website claims that the company's full name is Australian-registered "JP-EX Crypto Asset Platform Pty Ltd". The Hong Kong 01 discovery search found that the company had applied to The Australian Securities and Investments Commission for voluntary deregistration of a company on Tuesday (September 9).

Australian-registered JP-EX Crypto Asset Platform Pty Ltd applied for voluntary deregistration on September 9 by a secretarial firm. (Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Securities and Investment Commission)

The voluntary deregistration document is signed by Jiayi Chen, the company's director and secretary. The company stated in the application that the company's total assets were less than A$1,000 (approximately HK$5,051), and it did not have any outstanding debts or be involved in any legal proceedings. The company also stated that it was not currently in business and that all members of the company had agreed to deregister it.

However, JPEX posted an announcement on its website on the evening of the same day that it applied for deregistration, refuting the SFC and the police, saying that it was "extremely disappointed that the SFC had unfairly disrupted market order" and that it would continue to operate unswervingly.

Founding Director Hong Kong Born Current Director Guangdong Born

According to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission's search records, JP-EX Crypto Asset Platform Pty Ltd was established in September 2020. Director and Secretary Jiayi CHEN, born in 9 in Guangdong, China; The former director and secretary is "Sze Ki CHEUNG" and was born in Hong Kong in 1991.

The company's registered address and Jiayi Chen's residential address are both new residential buildings in Sydney's northern suburbs, not office buildings. Public sources in Hong Kong and major countries could not find more information on Jiayi CHEN and Sze Ki CHEUNG.

Two employees of an Australian registered company were arrested by the Hong Kong police

Two employees of JP-EX Crypto Asset Platform Pty Ltd, a 26-year-old man, Lee Seung-hae, and a 52-year-old woman, Zhong Caiyun, were recently arrested by the police for their involvement in the JPEX fraud case.

In addition, Australia also registered JPEX Technical Support Co. Pty Ltd, which was deregistered in 2022, and the company of the same name was named by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission.

"Hong Kong 01" also revealed earlier that JPEX has registered companies in the United States, Canada, Australia and Lithuania, and the directors of the company are all different people, suspected of being "head" registration, and the platform has been registered since 2020 and began to operate in 2021, and the actual person in charge and office location have been a mystery.

▼On September 9, the police confessed the JPEX case▼

Eight people have been arrested

Police and the China Securities and Futures Commission announced details of JPEX's case on Tuesday, arresting four men and four women, a total of eight people. Including 33-year-old Lin Zuo, 36-year-old Chen Yi, formerly known as Chen Yingyi, and 31-year-old "Chen Kaiyi", the business registration owner of "Cyotc Chen Dayi Cryptocurrency Money Changer".

The other five arrested were employees of JPEX affiliates, including Tsang Chu Shun, a 22-year-old woman who was the former secretary of JPEX Technical Support Co. Pty Ltd, a registered company in Hong Kong.

The company changed its name to "Web 3.0 Technical Support Limited" last year, and the company secretary, Chen Xiaohao, a 22-year-old man, was arrested. Deng Lixun, a 26-year-old man who was also an employee of the company, was also arrested and was named a defendant last year along with Huang Chujie, a young master of the coin.

Hong Kong employees of Australian-registered JP-EX Crypto Asset Platform Pty Ltd, 26-year-old man Lee Seung-hae, and 52-year-old woman Zhong Caiyun were also arrested.

Deng Lixun, who was arrested in the JPEX case, was named as a defendant in a small money debt claim case in December 2022 with the young master Huang Yujie.

JPEX fraud involving more than $12.2022 billion. The picture shows JPEX selling a big advertisement on MTR Hong Kong Station in April 4. (Profile photo / Photo by Lo Hsien Liang)

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