The Government is vigorously promoting "Hong Kong Night Colour", and the Wan Chai Waterfront Water Sports and Recreation Theme Zone will be held for six consecutive days from the 27th of this month, selling Hong Kong's century-old classics, offering Hong Kong nostalgic delicacies such as Chinese pastries, brine, rice dumplings, etc., as well as nostalgic workshops to experience divination feng shui numerology, sparrow carving, etc., and there will be drone cultural performances on individual evenings.

The Wan Chai Waterfront Water Sports and Recreation Zone will hold a Waterfront Fun Market from 9 September to 27 October. (Screenshot of Seaside Art Gallery webpage)

The nostalgic Hong Kong Night Market "Waterfront Art Gallery" will be held on the Wan Chai Waterfront in the evening from 9 September to 27 October, with activities including a carnival of Hong Kong culture, art, music and technology, allowing visitors to experience the classic feeling of Hong Kong's century-old and feel like they are in the bustling neon era.

Details of the "Seaside Art Fair" event

Venue: Wan Chai Waterfront Water Sports and Recreation Theme Zone (Wan Chai North along Hung Hing Road to Hung Hing Road Flyover)

Beijing time from September 9 to October 27

Opening hours: 3 p.m. to 12 midnight

Food court hours: 6pm to 11pm

Nostalgic Hong Kong street food

There are traditional Hong Kong street food, such as Chinese pastries, brine, rice dumplings, snacks such as grilled squid and chicken cakes, skewers, craft beer, etc., with a number of nostalgic food stall tables and collars, reshaping the feeling of old-style food stalls

Nostalgic Culture Workshop

Experience folk divination feng shui numerology, sparrow carving, flour dolls, woven steamers, and more

Uniquely Hong Kong Art Gallery and Victoria Harbour Sunrise. Impressions" giant mural

The gallery, jointly created by the Fringe Club and Fine Arts Games, will jointly host the Hong Kong Art Gallery with a number of outstanding local designers, showcasing a number of paintings with Hong Kong nostalgia such as Hong Kong streets, shops, festivals and more, and part of the proceeds from the sale will be used for charity

.「 PHAB Together" charity performance

The charity performance, jointly organized by the Hong Kong PHAB Inclusion Network and Whole Arts Circle, will provide them with a stage to showcase their talents, including Chinese and Western instrument performances, dance performances, street dance performances, singing performances, etc.

Drone cultural display

Victoria Harbour Night Sky will send 800 drones to perform a light show, showcasing a number of Hong Kong's distinctive landmarks and local arts and culture

Music performance by young bands and singers

The Fringe Club sends a total of 10 bands to take turns performing music

Hong Kong Movie Night

Fringe Club has prepared a number of popular Hong Kong movies for everyone to enjoy

Jointly organised by the Development Bureau (HDB) and non-profit-making organisations "Hong Kong PHAB Inclusion Network" and "Fringe Club", the "Waterfront Art Fair" is coordinated by Victoria Waters, which provides free venues and support in setting up venues, and free of rent for booths.

▼September 9 "Hong Kong Night Color" Launching Ceremony▼


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