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Deyan Donkov announced chess at the National Theater days before its most important premiere of the season.

This is the performance "The Hague" by our great director Galin Stoev, who arrived from France specifically to put it in Bulgaria.

Rehearsals began in the spring and the actor retired ten days before the September 19 premiere. His colleague Plamen Dimov had to urgently study the role to replace him, amazed actors from the royal troupe reveal.

No one at the National Theatre can say for sure what caused the actor to retire from The Hague. This is a performance on which our first scene bets a lot, has been advertising it since July, and rehearsals have started even earlier.

Galin Stoev, who is the director of the theater in the French city of Toulouse, announced that he has taken unpaid leave from the Ministry of Culture in France to work on the performance in Bulgaria.

The play was written by Ukrainian Sasha Denisova. It is an imaginary trial of war crimes in the war between Russia and Ukraine, born in the head of a child who lost his relatives.

For months, the actor has been rehearsing for the show. Along with him, many of the other big stars of the National Theater - Julian Vergov, Darin Angelov, Hristo Petkov, Velislav Pavlov, Sofia Bobcheva, even Deyan's official partner - Radina Kardzhilova, are planned to appear on the stage on September 19th. The director made an original choice for the role of Vladimir Putin - he gave it to a woman. This is Radena Valkanova. Donkov's name is far behind in the list of actors, which indicates that his role is not very big. People familiar with the matter say he should play Russia's foreign minister.

The actor was doing very well with his task, but a few weeks ago he began to insist on another, more significant role for the director. His colleagues whisper that he seems to want to be Putin or at least to take the image of Julian Vergov, who is considered the biggest star in the show. According to insiders, Vergov will take the form of the murdered Prigozhin. Galin Stoev, however, was adamant and firmly refused to comply with the actor's claims. Ten days ago, Deyan Donkov sent him a voice message that he would not be able to play in the show. The reasons for this, according to the recording, were personal. He wished success to the production.

Deyan Donkov drove the People's People crazy

The National Theatre suspects that Dinkata has arranged this trick out of pure collegial jealousy. He was annoyed, thinking that Vergov and Radena Valkanova had a more serious presence than himself, and decided to withdraw from the performance. He probably hoped to be asked to come back, but instead the director gave him the role to another actor. This is the young Plamen Dimov, whom the general public knows from series such as "Don't Think Me Me Out" by BTV and "Search Department" of Nova TV.

Initially, he was entrusted with another character in the show, for whom it was necessary to look for a person outside the original cast. The irony is that "The Hague" has virtually no main roles. That is why everyone wonders about the claims of Deyan Donkov. His better half Radina Kardzhilova remains in the show for now. She has worked with Galin Stoev in his last performance at the National Theatre before The Hague - "Delhi Dance". At the ceremony, Deyan could not stand to watch his wife while receiving the statuette alone, and went on stage with her to thank for the high rating, although he did not play in the performance.

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