British model Leomi Anderson attended The Sun's "Who Cares Wins" awards, which took place in 2023 in London.

For such an event, she chose a bold outfit. Leomie wore a black sheer dress with a deep neckline almost to the navel. The outfit was decorated with embroidery, beads and sequins, which covered the model's bare chest. She had a slender and not at all vulgar look.

Leomi Anderson / Photo: Getty Images

Underneath the outfit were black underpants or a miniskirt. Anderson wore black stiletto sandals and completed the look with a black crocodile clutch.

Leomi did an elegant hairstyle and makeup with lush eyelashes. She had diamond earrings in her ears. The beauty completed a frank look with a ring and a French manicure.

Recall that Leomie Anderson came to the Vogue World fashion event in a blue minidress, which perfectly emphasized her slender legs.