Who is Aisha Al Khattabi?

  • Aicha is the youngest daughter of a mujahid from the Rif region in northern Morocco, who fought the French occupation.
  • The late Aisha al-Khattabi was born in 1942, during the period of her father's exile. She also lived with him in Cairo before his death, choosing to return to Morocco.
  • According to the website of Morocco's National Council for Human Rights, Aicha Khattabi received her baccalaureate from the American Institute for Girls in Cairo. She worked as a consultant at the Abdul Karim Al-Khattabi Foundation.
  • From 1991 to 2006, she was the director of Villa Clara clinic in Casablanca. During the seventies, she was an active member of the Islamic Charity Association.

Abdul Karim Al-Khattabi "The Lion of the Countryside"

  • Abdelkrim Khattabi is a prominent figure in contemporary history, nicknamed the "Lion of the Rif" by Moroccans, and recognized as "Sidi Mohand" to the people of the Moroccan countryside.
  • Historically, known as Mohamed ibn Abd al-Karim al-Khattabi, he was the hero of the Moroccan resistance against occupation who resisted the most powerful colonial powers in the Battle of Anwal.
  • After graduating from the University of Al-Qarawiyyin, he returned to the city of Melilla and worked as a teacher, then a judge, then a judge in 1914, and after the death of his father, he assumed the leadership of the Beni Ouraigle tribe, in northern Morocco.
  • Historians agree that he is one of the great symbols in the history of the resistance of Moroccans against occupation in the first half of the twentieth century. Thanks to his heroism and good morals transmitted through the history books, he became a symbol of steadfastness and fatherhood that he still preserves in the memory of the people of the countryside and the Moroccan people as a whole.