The Hong Kong Government has launched the "Hong Kong Night Colour" project to revive Hong Kong's night economy, and the Tourism Board will "brighten" the Temple Street Night Market and set up a food court with vendors. The bureau believes that the government needs to "tear down the wall and loosen the bindings", such as allowing open flame cooking. The Prevention Department (AFD) responded immediately today (19 December) that in order to tie in with the "Hong Kong Night Colour" campaign, operators only need to meet the basic fire protection requirements, such as setting up fire extinguishing torches, fire blankets, and installing barriers at the work tables of stalls, etc., and can set up open flame cooking stalls at the venue.

▼September 9 Temple Street Night Market is not crowded▼


The HKTB yesterday urged the government to tear down the wall and relax restrictions on cooking over open fires

Unveiling the Hong Kong Night Fun and Visitor Attraction Plan yesterday, the Director-General of the HKTB, Mr Cheng Ting-yi, said that the Bureau will enhance the arrangement of the Temple Street Night Market, such as adding lights and setting up a food court with vendors.

The Fire Services Department put forward three conditions: fire extinguishing cylinders, fire extinguishing felts, and barriers on the work table

The FSD announced today on social networking sites that in line with the various "Hong Kong Night Smart" activities, the Fire Services Department has formulated corresponding fire safety requirements based on the risk-based principle in accordance with the business model of night markets and activities in various districts. Operators only need to meet the basic fire protection requirements, such as setting up fire extinguishing cylinders, fire blankets and installing barriers at the work table of the stalls, etc., to set up open flame cooking stalls on the premises.

FSD indicated that it would provide appropriate assistance, including assessing site risks, complying with inspections and issuing fire safety certificates on the spot; It will also flexibly cooperate with the organisers to provide fire safety advice so that members of the public and visitors can feel the vitality of Hong Kong at night in a safe environment.

▼September 9 "Hong Kong Night Color" Launching Ceremony▼


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