Spain's popular pop singer India Martinez blew up social media after sharing a clip of her last concert.

During one of her performances, the 37-year-old Andalusian approached one of her dancers and, after slipping her hand over her body, suddenly kissed her on the lips.

El beso

— India Martínez (@IndiaMartinez) September 17, 2023

For her behavior, the singer was criticized among the majority of fans, some of whom even reminded her that she was among the first to condemn the violent kiss of Spanish football president Luis Rubiales with footballer Jenny Hermoso.

The EP also takes up the case with the kiss between Rubiales and Hermoso, which shook Spain

However, some of the users were quick to defend Martinez's actions, saying that there was a huge difference between Rubiales' kiss with Hermoso and the one from the concert.

Martinez later wrote on social media that he did not find the kiss inappropriate and recalled in a video of his video another kiss with the same dancer, which he wanted to show that this was not a precedent.

Vaya revuelo! Para los que dicen que este beso está fuera de lugar, o sin sentido. Creo que se han perdido este capítulo. Desiree es bailarina de la famosa pareja de bachata "Daniel y Desiree" ambos hacen una colaboración en mi videoclip "5 sentíos"

— India Martínez (@IndiaMartinez) September 18, 2023