Man teases crocodile with meat, but then

Crocodile Viral Video: Crocodiles are not called the 'devil' of water. This is such a dreaded animal, in front of which animals are afraid to come, even humans, who swallow their prey in an instant. This is the reason why even the king of the forest is reluctant to take a bite from the dreaded crocodile, but just imagine what the consequences will be if a person makes the mistake of doing something like this. Recently, a similar video is shaking people's hearts on social media, in the video a man is seen standing in front of a hungry crocodile under water and making the mistake of making his anger. See for yourself what happened next in the video.

Watch the video here:

He's lost his mind 💀

— MadVids (@MadVidss) September 16, 2023

Man teases crocodile with meat (crocodile attack man)

In this shocking video, it can be seen that a large crocodile is present in the water, in front of which a person is luring the hungry crocodile with a piece of meat hanging in his mouth. During this time, the crocodile is seen trying to grab a piece of meat. After a while, you will see that the man puts a piece of meat in the crocodile's mouth and starts robbing him of love. People are surprised to see this video. Some people who have seen the video are calling the person stupid, while some are calling it the fool's stupidity.

Users were surprised to see the video (Wildlife Shocking Video)

This shocking video has been shared on social media platform X with an account named @MadVidss. While sharing the video, the caption reads, 'His mind has gone haywire'. The 16-second video, shared on September 33, has been viewed more than 16,<> times so far, while hundreds of people have liked the video. Those who have seen the video are giving different reactions to it. One user wrote, 'This man does not love his life at all.'