There was a war between users on social media about Vicky Kaushal's dance.

Bollywood star Vicky Kaushal has been giving great films for years on the basis of his acting and personality. Many of his films have been superhits. Let me tell you, Vicky Kaushal is also active on social media like a star. Especially his passion for dancing is very much liked by people. Being a Punjabi, Vicky Kaushal is very fond of dance and he keeps uploading videos of dancing on his social media account. Although his videos are liked by millions of people, but recently some users are commenting differently on his video.

Watch the video here:

Someone pls tell him its over. No one is finding this shit fun anymore. He's so mid

— Summerhhhh (@hoziershoee) September 14, 2023

An unknown user said stop dancing Vicky

Recently, an unknown user on Twitter posted a video of Vicky Kaushal and gave a negative comment about him. The user wrote, 'Someone please tell them that it is over now. Now no one enjoys it much. As soon as this post comes, people are seeing the reaction of this post along with Vicky Kaushal's dance. Many people do not agree with this unknown user and some people find this user's point right. This video has received more than two and a half million views so far. In this video, Vicky Kaushal is seen dancing to a Punjabi song wearing a suit.

There was a flood of comments

Tremendous comments are coming on this post and there has been a war between Vicky's fans and anti-fans. One user wrote, 'Vicky should stop this now', while another user wrote, 'He is happy that Vicky does not care about others.' One user wrote, 'If you are not enjoying then do not watch.' One fan wrote, 'What's wrong in this, they are just dancing, it was a hit last time and this time it was not a hit. One user wrote, 'He is hot and he can do anything', while another user wrote, 'Ranveer Singh Syndrome has taken over Vicky.'