Cryptocurrency platform JPEX is suspected of fraud, the police and the China Securities Regulatory Commission held a press conference on Tuesday (19th) to explain the case, a total of eight people have been arrested, involving 12.10 billion yuan. It is understood that one of the arrested people, Deng Lixun, was listed as a defendant last year as the young master Huang Yujie for a small money debt case; The other two arrested were JPEX employees; He successively served as the company secretary of the company registered in Hong Kong with the same name.
Also arrested were Lin Zuo, who was reported to be unemployed, "Chen Yi", an Internet celebrity formerly known as "Chen Yingyi", and "Chen Kaiyi", the owner of the business registration of "Chen Dayi's cryptocurrency money changer". Eight of those arrested were released on bail and reported to the police in mid-October.

Cryptocurrency investigative report・Page|JPEX involved in fraud Lin Zuo and other "currency circle" Internet celebrities were arrested

▼On September 9, the police confessed the JPEX case▼

Lin Zuo reported that he was unemployed

The police and the China Securities and Futures Commission (CSRC) announced the details of JPEX's case on Tuesday, confessing that four men and four women have been arrested, a total of eight people. Among them, 33-year-old Lin Zuo reported being unemployed.

▼September 9 JPEX police arrest operation▼


Chen Yi's real name Chen Yingyi was arrested at the same time as Chen Kaiyi

Chen Yi, a 36-year-old Internet celebrity whose real name is Chen Yingyi, is reported to be a YouTuber.

Another 31-reported unemployed arrested person, "Chan Kai Yee", is the owner of the "Cyotc Tan Tai Yi Cryptocurrency Money Changer" according to the Business Register.

On September 9, police searched the office of Chen Dayi in Wing On Plaza in the Tsim Tsui in connection with the JPEX case and arrested two people, including Chen Yi (former middle). (Photo by Zhu Yonglun)

Two JPEX employees were arrested and successively served as company secretaries

It is understood that the other two arrested are JPEX employees, respectively, a 22-year-old woman Zeng Chushun, reported as a third-year college student; and Chen Xiaohao, a 22-year-old man who reported being unemployed.

According to the Companies Registry, they acted as company secretaries of JPEX Technical Support Co. Pty Ltd, a registered company in Hong Kong. The company changed its name to "Web2022.4 Technical Support Limited" in April 3, and one of the directors and shareholders before and after the name was changed to "Guo Holin".

Deng Lixun, who was arrested in the JPEX case, was named as a defendant in a small money debt claim case in December 2022 with the young master Huang Yujie.

Deng Lixun and Young Master Yuan were defendants in the same small money debt case

There was also a 26-year-old man who reported to be a waiter, which is understood to be Deng Lixun. Looking through the court records, Deng Lixun was named as the defendant in a small money debt claim case in December 2022 with the young master of the currency, Huang Junjie.

Huang had promoted JPEX on his YouTube channel, but the SFC had removed all the videos after warning.

The other two arrested were a 26-year-old man surnamed Li and a 52-year-old woman surnamed Zhong.

"Young Master Coin" Huang Yujie has deleted all videos of JPEX on his YouTube channel. (Video Archive)

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