After the black rain of the century, the Hongshan Peninsula and Clear Water Bay independent houses poured mud, accidentally exposing a large area of land domination, unauthorized construction, and digging. "Hong Kong 01" analyzes the details of the unauthorized construction through aerial photography and plans, and traces the owner behind it. The Secretary for Development, Mr Ning Hon-ho, stated that it is necessary to identify the owners, professionals in charge of the project, those who assist in the sale and purchase, etc., and then prosecute them according to law.
"01 Investigation" once directly attacked, the agent built a thousand-foot dungeon independent house, digging the dungeon engineering experts, and explained to the reporter in detail how to dig and how to avoid the inspection of the Buildings Department.

The Hongshan Peninsula is pouring mud|The plan is exposed, and the suspected excavation of the land is built on two floors, and the owner is a former investment bank high-rise

After the longest black rainstorm, landslides occurred on the Red Hill Peninsula of Pak Bi Shan Mansion Estate in Tai Tam, Hong Kong Island, with landslides on the seafront slopes of Houses 70, 72 and 74, with the foundations exposed and overhanging. House 72 is a clear hazard and residents need to be evacuated. "Hong Kong 01" obtained the plans of these independent houses, compared with the pictures on the scene, suspected of obvious trespasses, suspected of digging down the ground to build two more floors, and also involved in occupying official land to build gardens.

The owner of House 72 is Anthony Steains, a former senior executive at Blackstone.

The reporter of "Hong Kong 01" compared a number of aerial photos and found that more than 35 detached houses were suspected of being tyrant on the hillside and illegally built, and some residents removed the entire retaining wall and replaced it with floor-to-ceiling glass. (01 Cartography)

At least 35 houses were built and 15 were demolished to build dungeons

The reporter of "Hong Kong 01" compared a number of aerial photos and found that more than 35 detached houses were suspected of tying hillsides and unauthorized construction, and some residents removed the entire retaining wall and replaced it with floor-to-ceiling glass, which increased the risk.

In addition, the maps drawn up by the Lands Department showed that the hegemonic land boundary was involved, including the detached houses involved, and it is suspected that the hegemonic land was known earlier. Engineers estimate that temporary support for Building 72 may cost more than one million dollars, and the cost of repairing the restored slope is difficult to estimate, or "astronomical".

The Tuen Mun Villa of the owner of No. 74 Peninsula was unveiled early and tyrant After seven years, there were more arrogances

The owner of house No. 74, a public relations celebrity Yuen Wai-ming, who was affected by a landslide on the Hung Shan Peninsula, refused to allow Buildings Department officers to inspect the suspected unauthorized building. "Hong Kong 01" revealed in 2017 that Yuen Wai-ming's husband, Chan Tin-shi, a wealthy businessman Chan Chun Chee, had built and occupied more than <>,<> square feet of official land in many places, and also demolished the retaining wall, which had been ordered by the Buildings Department and the Lands Department to restore it at that time.

At present, the independent house is being put on sale at 3 million yuan, the reporter went to the scene on Wednesday (September 8) to inspect, the exterior wall of the independent house is full of plants, it seems that no one takes care of it, the hegemonic land and unauthorized construction have not been restored, and the unauthorized construction area is more than twice the permitted area of the house. Chen Jianqing, a member of the Local Research Society, directly denounced that the incident proved that luxury houses are very common to dominate land and unauthorized construction, wealthy businessmen extend their living space at zero cost, and the government is ineffective in enforcing the law.

The foundation of the Hongshan Peninsula is only one-fifth of the depth of the Tang Palace, and the removal of the retaining earthen wall is more likely to cause landslides

"Hong Kong 01" looked through the plans and found that the foundations of the three houses were only about 1 meter deep, and there was no reserved place to build a basement. In 2012, when Tang Yingnian was built in Kowloon Tong, the plan shows that the foundation of the "Tang Palace" is 5 meters deep, and the underground structure is reserved.

Ho Juyi, former president of the Institute of Surveyors, believes that the "Tang Palace" engineering staff obviously have reserved space to build the basement, and the owner of the house in the Hongshan Peninsula involved in the construction of independent houses in the case of the arrogance, reducing the external force to prevent the soil from turning outward, coupled with the unauthorized construction of the basement on the foundation close to the downhill, will increase the burden on the foundation, affect the groundwater, and may be more prone to landslides.

Clear Water Bay Ganshu Road Mountain mud pouring plan reveals that Donggui independent houses are suspected of many unauthorized construction cliffs to build gardens

In addition to the Red Hill Peninsula, a landslide also occurred on the opposite slope of a detached house in Tung Kwai on Clear Water Bay Road, most of the garden was washed away, and seven people needed to be evacuated. "Hong Kong 7" obtained the plans of the detached houses involved, compared the pictures at the scene, and found that the detached houses involved in the incident were obviously illegally built, suspected of occupying official land, building gardens on hillsides, and the unauthorized buildings existed for at least 01 years.

The detached house in question was held by a limited company and the director was a businessman. There is no record of the unit being nailed after the unit is occupied. Neighbouring housing estates are also suspected of occupying official land.

Tuen Mun Panlong Peninsula built a three-storey self-made pier The short-term leased land defaulted and went out of bounds, but the lease was renewed by the land administration

Tuen Mun sweeping wat mansion Panlong Peninsula, there are also a number of seaside independent houses, suspected of occupying the hillside official land to build gardens, some independent houses occupy the entire hillside, down to build a three-storey basement, structures directly to the beach, and even build a private pier.

There are also a number of detached houses on the slopes opposite the Beaulieu Peninsula, which have been approved for short-term leases, but Hong Kong 01 found that there are still people who dominate the over-rental world. According to the existing guidelines, the Zonal Lands Office is required to conduct on-site visits to short-term tenancy sites involving private gardens every 5 years, but most of the "out-of-bounds" structures in housing estates have existed for more than 5 years.

【Secret Digging Dungeon Series 1・There is a piece】Hit the Saigon 1,000-foot dungeon Pool Fish Tank Bar Exposed

Black Rain exposed the large-scale illegal construction, and the secretary for development, Ning Hanhao, said that the owner, the professionals in charge of the project, and the people who assisted in the purchase and sale should be identified and prosecuted according to law.

The previous chief executive candidates, Tang Yingnian and Leung Chun-ying, were successively exposed for trespassing on the construction of dungeons, in which Tang Yingnian opened a skylight at the bottom of the pool to create an underground palace of nearly 2000,01 square feet. A 2017 investigation report by Hong Kong 3 found that a detached house in Portao Bay in Clear Water Bay had been built in a basement of more than 2,<> square feet, with a private swimming pool, jacuzzi, and large fish tank. Pretending to be a tenant and releasing snakes, the reporter approached a real estate agent who specializes in luxury residential areas in Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay, and he took the reporter to visit <> detached villas and one apartment in Portao Bay, <> of which are illegally built, but the most exaggerated is this underground pool.

【Secret Digging Dungeon Series 2・There is a Film】Directly hit the unlicensed expert to teach the way Two tricks to avoid the investigation of the Buildings Department

It turned out that there was a group of unqualified engineers in Hong Kong who specialized in undertaking these shady illegal projects. In Baxiang, Yuen Long, where the New Territories village is lined with houses, some people openly posted advertisements for "professional dungeon digging", claiming that they could help build dungeons, and boasted that "I have a share in many dungeons in Hong Kong".

Pretending to build a dungeon for a new-style village house in Saigon, the reporter found Ming Ge (pseudonym), a "dungeon digging expert" who claimed to have many years of experience, to inspect the scene, and he taught the reporter how to avoid the law enforcement of the Buildings Department in two ways if reported by neighbors. However, he admitted that there are no professionals involved in the project, and we are fighting the fog.

Mansion Unauthorized Construction|Group Reveals 173 Independent Houses Suspected Overlord Land Involved in the Construction of Gardens, Wharves, Swimming Pools, Xiaolan Independent House, Unauthorized Construction of Offshore Pool for Half a Century Zhilu Hegemonic Official Land Over Years to Build Private Tennis Courts Hongshan Peninsula|Building Certificate No. 74 Involved in Three-Storey Unauthorized Building Demolition of the Retaining Soil Wall to Build the Basement Has Been Completely Sealed 173 Independent Houses Suspected of Tyrant Building Official Land Partially or up to 22 years Research Institute: Legal vacuum?