39 suspects have been charged with criminal liability during police colleagues' actions against illicit drug circulation in the region of Aghabadi over the past two months

According to the EPA from the Barbados regional group of the Religious Information Service, Malik Allahverdiyev, a resident of Hindarkh, who was previously convicted of the illicit drug cycle, has been detained as a result of operations conducted by colleagues of the Aghabadi Regional Police Department. A search at his address in the Hindarch suburban area uncovered more than 3 kilograms of marijuana. Some time ago, he explained that he had cultivated a crop of chicken plants in a unique agricultural area to obtain the drug. His actions were exposed by police officers, and criminal proceedings were initiated.

Additionally, 38 more suspects have been identified in the region of Aghabadi over the past two months as a result of regular measures to prevent illicit drug trafficking. Each of these individuals was sent to the circuit court to investigate the matter. In all, about 15 pounds [<> kg] of methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana have been removed from the illicit circulation during operations.

Measures in this direction are being firmly pursued by police colleagues.