On Sunday, the Benghazi Medical Center received a group of artists coming from several cities in the west of the country, to visit and reassure the condition of those hospitalized raising the slogan "On the heart of one man."

Artist Abdel Basset Boukanda, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and President of the General Authority for Cinema, Theater and Arts in Tripoli, expressed his happiness to move to Benghazi at the head of a delegation of Western artists in solidarity with the victims of the East.

Boukanda said in an exclusive statement to "Sky News Arabia", that a large delegation from the city of Tripoli, west of the country, insisted on coming to the east of Libya in Benghazi to line up and emphasize the ties that unite the people of the east and the west, and that the injured is one in all countries of Libya.

Boukanda praised the efforts made by artists in Benghazi after the disaster, where they turned troupes and theatres into an emergency room and relief centres.

Boukanda said that what happened in Derna is a lesson to all the sons of the country, that there is no difference between the sons of the East or the West, as everyone in anguish is united, and therefore they must always unite.

Boukanda hoped that relief work would continue to the people of Derna and the affected countries and that charity would not stop.

In the same context, the artist Alaa Al-Awjali, one of the sons of eastern Libya, stressed that the great injured united all the countries of Libya, which is commendable in itself.

Al-Ojali praised the move taken by artists from western Libya from Tripoli and other Libyan countries because it confirms that Libya is united and that all the people are on the heart of one man.

Speaking to Sky News Arabia, he stressed the importance of preparing later for any natural disasters that may occur and that there are crisis departments, emergency agencies and other things so that we do not wait for aid from abroad to help us, and he answers that we are ready to save what can be saved.