The Western Azerbaijani Community has sharply condemned the aggressive disclosure of Levon Aronia, an Armenian athlete who now represents the United States.

The EPA has been told by the community that Levon Aronyan, who uses Honduran toponyms such as "Artsax" and "Stepanakert," has learned to play chess but has not learned to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries.

Levon Aronyan has never condemned Armenia's invasion of Azerbaijan's territory, its exposure to ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijan in Armenia and its formerly occupied territories, its deliberate destruction, looting, and insulting cities, villages, mosques, and its racist, stone-thinking companions.

Levon Aronyan, the former president of Armenia, who arrived in the occupied territories during the Civil War and soon fled to Armenia, did not ask him why he was president of the Armenian Witness Federation to participate in the organization and genocide of civilian Azerbaijani people in Hokkaido. If Levon Aronian has a slight sense of conscience, it is still not too late, he may condemn the actions of the Old Testament.

Levon Aronyan "explained" his decision not to participate in the World Cup in Baku in August this year with his safety "in tears." However, when Levon Aronyan conquered Azerbaijan, he participated in the 2015 World Cup in Baku and even eagerly photographed them. Apparently, Levon Aronya was disappointed by the victory of Azerbaijan's Civil War.

Levon Aronyan should refrain from low shows and focus on playing chess. If Levon Aronyan is really concerned about human suffering, he should call on the Armenian government to dialogue with the Western Azerbaijani Community on the return of deported Azerbaijani people to their ancestral homes.