Yuen Wai-ming, the owner of No. 74 house and a public relations celebrity affected by the landslide on the Hung Shan Peninsula, was involved in denying entry to the premises of the Buildings Department to inspect the unauthorized construction of a building, and was later confirmed to have built a three-storey structure in the area of the detached house. Yuen Wai Ming's husband, a wealthy businessman Chan Tin Tsuk, also has a number of unauthorized construction and occupation of more than 2017,4800 square feet of official land, which was ordered by the Buildings Department and the Lands Department to restore it in 2019, and has not been fulfilled so far.
The Buildings Department replied that the area of the small building in Ganhua exceeded 2,5 square feet, which was nearly double the total buildable area. The owner was convicted in 5 for failing to comply with a demolition order, but was fined only $<>,<>, or $<> per square foot of unauthorized construction, and the Department has now commenced a second prosecution process. As for the question of hegemonic land, the Lands Department has not yet replied.

The Tuen Mun Villa of the owner of No. 74 Peninsula was unveiled early and tyrant After seven years, there were more arrogances

Yuen Wai-ming (left), granddaughter of the late wealthy businessman Wu Siu-chi and owner of house 74 on the Hongshan Peninsula, and her wealthy businessman husband Chan Tin Ci (middle).

Yuen Wai-ming's husband, Chan Tin-chee, a wealthy businessman in Jie Chun, was involved in the demolition of the retaining wall on the lower floor, two three-storey structures and a two-storey structure next to the main house, through the Tuen Mun Gold Coast detached house owned by the company's Global Event Limited, and an additional structure was added to the roof of the main house. In addition, the Ganhua Small Building occupies nearly 10,400 square feet of official land.

In 2017, the Buildings Department and the Tuen Mun Lands Office issued orders to the owners of small buildings in Ganhua for the demolition of the unauthorized buildings and the restoration of government land, but the reporter visited the site last Wednesday (13th) and found that Chan Tin Chi and Yuen Wai Ming had not fulfilled the orders so far.

Two three-storey structures and a two-storey structure were erected next to the main house, and a roof of the main house was also built with a building and a swimming pool. (01 Cartography)

The total area of the 4800. Unauthorized buildings exceeds 5,<> square feet and a fine of only $<> per square foot is imposed

The Buildings Department replied on Monday (18 December) that in November 2017, the DH issued a demolition order to the relevant owner under the Buildings Ordinance to demolish the relevant unauthorized structures within a specified period of time, and ordered him to demolish the relevant unauthorized structures within a specified period, including the extension of two three-storey structures, a two-storey structure outside the premises and the construction of a one-storey structure on the roof of the premises.

According to the Buildings Department, the total area of the buildings was about 450 square metres, or about 4853,25 square feet. The land deed of the "Dry Wah Cottage" stipulates that the maximum can only be built up to 900 square feet, and each floor cannot exceed 3 square feet, i.e. if a 2700-storey detached house is built, the maximum can only be built 2 square feet. In other words, the area after the construction of the small construction of Ganhua is nearly twice the total area that can be built.

According to the Buildings Department, the total area of the four arrogant buildings is about 4853,2 square feet, i.e. the area of the small buildings in Ganhua, which is nearly twice the total area that can be built. (Photo by Hong Kong 01 reporter)

Buildings Department: The second prosecution process has commenced

According to the Buildings Department, the landlord filed a prosecution in January 2019 for failure to comply with the demolition order, and the landlord was convicted and fined $1,8 in August. As the owners concerned have not yet fulfilled the order. Based on the area of the detached house, the penalty for non-construction is only $24 per square foot. The Buildings Department also stated that a second prosecution process had commenced.

According to the Buildings Department, failure to comply with a demolition order is a criminal offence with a maximum penalty of one year's imprisonment and a fine of $20,2. If the violation continues, an additional fine of 2019,4 yuan per day may be imposed. In <>, the court fined the owner of the small building in Ganhua, which was only one-fifth of the maximum fine, and the penalty has been four years since then, but the violation continues.

The reporter also inquired with the Lands Department last Wednesday (13th) about the matter of more than <>,<> square feet of official land in Ganhua Xiaozhuba, but has not received a reply so far.

▼Tuen Mun "Ganhua Cottage" exterior▼

The second and third floors of a tyrant building in the "Dry Chinese Small Building" and the outer wall of the roof are attached to many plants, and it is suspected that no one takes care of them. (Photo by Hong Kong 01 reporter)

Yuen is a public relations celebrity, a member of The Community Chest's Public Relations Committee and former Head of Asia Pacific Marketing at HSBC. Her husband, Chen Tianci, was selected as one of the Top Ten Outstanding Young Persons in 1995, went bankrupt in the Asian financial crisis, and its company ECrent claimed to own more than 2015% of ATV in <>.

Although Yuen's name does not appear in the trading documents of "Ganhua Xiaozhu", the 2017 US stock trading documents show that Yuen Huiming once wholly owned a company with the address of "Ganhua Xiaozhu". Although the "Ganhua Small Building" has been "debited", it is still being sold and rented on many real estate networks, with a bid price of $3 million and a rent of $8,29 per month.

▼Photo of the interior of Tuen Mun "Dry Wah Cottage"▼


House 74 on the Red Hill Peninsula was certified to have three floors

As for the house at No. 74 Hung Shan Peninsula owned by Yuen Wai-ming through the company's "Future Ocean Limited", he refused to allow Buildings Department officers to enter the premises involved in the unauthorized construction. The Buildings Department finally obtained a court warrant last Wednesday (13 December) and inspected the house the next day, confirming that there was a three-storey tall building in the waterfront direction of the detached house.

The lowest level of the unauthorized building is an unauthorized basement with an area of about 800 feet, and part of the retaining wall near the government slope has been removed to extend the unauthorized basement (partial) to the government slope. The middle floor of the building is on the original garden platform level, which is about 600 feet; The top floor is a 100-foot building. At that time, the DH pointed out that there was no obvious danger to the detached houses, but there was a safety risk to the unauthorized buildings and the householder/occupier concerned had temporarily sealed off the non-commissioned buildings in accordance with the instructions of the DH officers.

▼September 9 The Red Mountain Peninsula Miya occupies official land▼


Chief Executive Lee Ka-chiu said last Tuesday (12th) that the government will conduct a comprehensive inspection of buildings on the Hongshan Peninsula and said it will pursue any illegal construction and recover project costs.

The Secretary for Development, Mr Ning Hon-ho, also said on a radio programme last Saturday (16 December) that the authorities will conduct in-depth evidence collection on the Hung Shan Peninsula construction incident, and will prosecute after clarifying responsibility, and the owners concerned may also face other civil claims.

▼The mud of the Hongshan Peninsula exposed large-scale unauthorized construction▼


Hongshan Peninsula|No. 74 owner couple Tuen Mun villa early unveiled tyrant construction After seven years, more landslides on the Hongshan Peninsula|At least 35 arrogant constructions 15 demolition of retaining earthen walls to build dungeons Tuen Mun Panlong Peninsula trespassively built three-storey self-made wharf Short-term lease land defaulted out of bounds, but still obtained land administration renewal lease, the foundation of Hongshan Peninsula is only one-fifth of the depth of the "Tang Palace", and the removal of retaining walls is more likely to cause landslides