In the case of JPEX, a virtual asset trading platform, the Police had received more than 18,1 reports as of this afternoon (400th), involving up to $10 billion. The Commercial Crime Bureau (CCB) today launched a large-scale enforcement operation to arrest six men and women, including Lam Chok and KOL Chan Yi, on suspicion of "conspiracy to defraud". Police searched Chen Yi's office at Wing On Plaza in Tsim Tsui this afternoon, and at about 6:5 p.m., officers escorted Chen Yi and another person wearing a green shirt, and seized a large amount of cash, a money counter and JPEX lecture leaflets and other evidence for investigation.

The evidence seized by the detectives included large bags of $1,000, $500 and $100 bills, as well as money counters, tablets, headphones, notebooks and JPEX lecture leaflets.

Netizens uploaded pictures earlier, and it can be seen that the management office of Wing On Plaza in Tsim Tsui East sealed the main entrance of the office of "Chan Tai Yee Money Changer" with a hoarding, and some netizens said that police officers burst into the office to search it.


In response to the Hong Kong 01 enquiries, the Police said that it received a referral from the SFC on 9 September and was followed up by the Commercial Crime Bureau. After investigation, officers arrested four men and two women in various districts today on suspicion of "conspiracy to defraud" and are currently being detained for investigation. The operation is still ongoing, and the police do not rule out more arrests. As at 14pm today, a total of 4,2 persons had been reported to the police about $2 billion.


Looking through the information, Chan opened the first cryptocurrency money changer in Tsim Sha Tsui as early as 2021, and then expanded, and in March last year added a two-storey floor shop in Yuen Long, covering a total of 3,2 square feet. Since JPEX was named and warned by the CSRC, Chen Kaiyi has criticized the CSRC on social platforms, bombarding: "It's a pity that the government has not enacted a fake news law, otherwise we could see all the staff of the CSRC going to jail." In the film, he imploded and criticized the government for "blindly relying on JPEX".

Following the arrest of Lin Zuo, another KOL suspected of running a cryptocurrency money changer Chen Yi was also arrested in the police enforcement action against the JPEX case.


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