The Azerbaijani delegation participates in the eighth Xerxes Media Forum in Hashtrakhan, Russia.

The EPA reports that during the trip, a delegation organized flowers in front of them by visiting the monument of the Great Order in a park named after General Leader Heydər Əliyev and the monument of the Eternal Fame in the Brotherhood Garden.

The delegation then met with Igor Babushkin, the governor of the Hashtrak district. During the meeting, Alejandro Ismailov, Executive Director of the Media Development Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan, thanked the delegation for organizing the VIII Xerxes Media Forum and emphasized the importance of international cooperation and mutual experience in achieving successful media development.

Alejandro Ismailov spoke of the multilateral cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Russian Federation, especially the province of Hashtrakhan, and said that the Xerxes Media Forum is an important platform for discussing issues at the regional level.

During an interview with a number of television channels after the meeting, the Executive Director noted that the media is an important factor in public diplomacy and that it plays a reliable tool that brings different nations and cultures closer and helps exchange information, ideas and moral values.

At the same time, a meeting of the leaders of the delegation was held at the Forum. At the meeting, the head of the Azerbaijani delegation, Alejandro Ismailov, emphasized the importance of constructive and productive discussions organized during the Forum, the establishment of new cooperation in this area, the strengthening of existing relationships, and the implementation of future joint lectures, improving media literacy, preparing professional media representatives, combating disinformation, and deepening cooperation in many other areas and later exchanged views on current issues and trends in the media, as well as on analyzing future development prospects.

Significantly, the eighth Xerxes Media Forum will continue its work the next day with plenary sessions.