Three companies have illegally exported medicines falling under the ban list without declaring it. This was shown by a report of the State Agency for National Security (DANS) to the parliamentary health committee, according to which the export restriction legislation was developed deliberately in the service of traders, not in the public interest.

"Parallel exports have very few problems. I got to know the report. The notorious formula that has been talked about since last year has been wrong and corrected by Minister Serbezova. She was obliged to bring the formula in accordance with the law, "said the chairman of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union Dimitar Marinov in the studio of "Bulgaria morning".

The guest also explained what the formula itself is:

"The Medicinal Products in Human Medicine Act defines the establishment of the inventory tracking system. When the availability of a medicinal product that is on the positive drug list falls below 65% of the average monthly consumption for the last 6 months, it is included in the prohibition list for re-export. This guarantees quantities for Bulgarian patients."

Speaking to Bulgaria ON AIR, Marinov pointed out that the formula was wrong. "They turned to Minister Serbezova and she made an audit," he noted.

The system enables certain "market players" to hold certain quantities and hide them, said the President of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Union.

"We, pharmacies, do not want to see the economic situation of a warehouse. We are interested when we are looking for a medicinal product and the warehouse says that it is gone, to be able to check through the SESPA system whether it is actually gone, "insisted Marinov.

He pointed out that there is already a proposed solution and must be implemented. "I know there will be a special committee. We'll say all that there," he said.

Kostadin Angelov: The SANS report will show where the problem regarding the missing medicines is buried