The cryptocurrency trading platform JPEX case has attracted widespread attention, and the CSRC warned by name on Wednesday (13th) that JPEX has never applied for a license from the CSRC, which is inconsistent with the publicity, provides false statements, and lists a number of suspicious points. Police launched a large-scale enforcement operation today (18th), arresting Lin Zuo and KOL Chen Yi and others and searching a number of over-the-counter exchanges (OTCs).
In response to the enquiry, the Police indicated that they received a referral from the SFC on 9 September and were followed up by the Commercial Crime Bureau (CCB), and after investigation, four men and two women were arrested in various districts today (14 December) on suspicion of "conspiracy to defraud" and are now being detained for investigation. The operation is still ongoing, and more arrests cannot be ruled out. The Police added that as of 18pm today (4th), the Police had received reports from 2,18 persons about the incident, involving an amount of about $2 billion.

▼Lin Zuo arrested. Police search of the office of the entertainment bank in Central▼


▼Chen Yi was arrested, and the police searched Chen Dayi's money changing shop in Yongan Plaza▼


▼Police search of Coiner exchange▼


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